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Voile 5924 x Wendra Tham

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Strength points :

  1. The 3D design gives a natural effect.
  2. Short hair, the ideal lashes for mature & glasses wearers. 
  3. With Soft Gel Strand able to lift mature & monolid eyes.
  4. Definition of perfect lashes for every need. 

After over seven years of being a Professional makeup artist and deeply immersed in the beauty industry, Wendra Tham is taking notes and discovering his client's makeup needs.

In doing so, Artisan Professionnel and Wendra Tham are teaming up to create the most versatile lashes out there that utilize the soft gel strand to lift mature & monolid eyes, they are eye-wear friendly & natural lash alike, so there is no need for lash extensions.

And of course, perfect for any occasion.